Callout to young people: send Frank Cottrell-Boyce your messages of Hope!

Get creative with CAFOD and Frank Cottrell-Boyce

We are so excited to announce that children’s author Frank Cottrell-Boyce will creating a unique piece of writing on behalf of CAFOD around the theme of ‘hope’ – but we need your help!

Over July, Frank hopes to capture children’s and young people’s thoughts and feelings to help him create this unique piece for CAFOD’s Summer of Hope.

So, we are inviting all young people across England, Wales and internationally to be a part of this hopeful, inspirational piece.

Time to get involved!

To take part, all you need to do is tell us – in just one word, or one sentence, in a picture or design – what gives you hope. 

Please email your ideas, along with your first name, your age and your town, to before Monday 27 July – and make sure to ask permission from an adult first!

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Join us for prayer and a chat

This week, we see the return of our ever-popular online prayer and chat session.

During this time of socially distancing, we can sometimes feel isolated from our friends and church community. So, on Thursday 9 July at 11am-12pm, we are inviting CAFOD volunteers and supporters from across England and Wales to join us for a special prayer and reflection, which will be followed by a virtual coffee morning.

We are asking that everyone has a candle ready to light when they join the prayer, so we can share a moment of silent reflection together to start.

And, we hope this session will be an opportunity to take some time out of our busy lives and pause to think about how the current situation has affected not only our everyday lives, but the lives of our brothers and sisters around the world.

We look forward welcoming you, so please do remember to Register to join us 

Finally, if you would like to spread the word of CAFOD’s events with your local community and parish, we have short paragraphs that are available to use in parish and online newsletters.

Each week, there is a different paragraph about our appeals and information about the different countries that we work in.

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Join today us for a special evening talk

In addition to our scheduled lunchtime talks, on Tuesday 7 July, 7pm-8pm, we are holding a special online talk about what it is like to live with coronavirus in Syria and the surrounding countries.

Here in the UK, we are so used to hearing the message ‘stay home, stay safe’, but what if your home isn’t safe?’

This is reality for thousands of Syrians who were forced to flee their homes because of war and violence and are now displaced within their own country or are living as refugees in neighbouring countries.

In Syria, there is real worry for people living in camps where overcrowding makes social distancing almost impossible and where the remaining healthcare facilities are extremely fragile. The extensive community networks of the Church in Syria mean that it is well placed to provide aid in some of the worst-hit and most inaccessible areas of the country.

In neighbouring Lebanon, home to nearly one million refugees, our work with local experts continues to provide food kits, basic medical care and emergency cash grants – which allow people to prioritise their own needs. 

We have adapted our projects that teach leadership and other skills to women affected by the conflict so that this work can continue safely during the coronavirus crisis.

If you would like to find our more about our work in Syria and the surrounding countries, please register to join.