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Our office is on Singleton Road, situated between Bury Old Road and Bury New Road.

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See you soon, Miss Heaton

I am sure that most of you who follow CAFOD’s Salford Blog know about Rosie Heaton and her amazing contribution. If you do not know her, she is the regional communications intern which her daily tasks include interviewing people, writing stories, supporting volunteers… and the list goes on. So, from CAFOD Salford, we thought it was a good idea to change roles for a day and interview her about her time in CAFOD, her future plans and a reminder that she will be missed.

Hope you enjoy the interview!

Interviewer:  Hello, Rosie. Can you tells us a bit more how did you come across with CAFOD and decided to work here?

Rosie: I was at university and I was looking for a communication’s job in a charity. I found this job and I immediately thought that this was the one for me. I applied and eventually got the job.

I: Why did you say that this was the one?

R: Because I am passionate about working for charities and CAFOD’s work is so great. Plus, I love working in media, writing things and meeting with volunteers.

I: And now, that the moment is closed, what are your future plans after finishing here?

Rosie: I have to go back to university and finish my Public Relations degree. And hopefully, when I graduate I will be able to get a similar job in a third sector organisation.

I: what has it been the most rewarding moment/campaign during your time here?

R: I think it has been a generally rewarding year. I have loved every minute of it. I have loved to be able to tell the stories, with the help of volunteers, about people in the North West who are helping people living overseas. Two of my favorite stories that I’ve written about is the driver instructor, Bernard from Rochdale, and the little girl, Amy in Liverpool, who both have been raising money for Lent. They were so happy when they found out about the coverage and it is nice to give them the credit that they deserve.

And, can I just add? One of the most rewarding things is to have been working with the team of communications’ volunteers and see how they grow and progress during the year.

I: What has it been the most special campaign for you?

R: I think all of CAFOD’s campaign are worthy. But, I think that seeing how many people got involved in the Power to Be campaign was really inspiring to me. Seeing the beginning of Share the Journey campaign and all the walks that are going on, trying to walk all the way around the world is really inspiring. I think standing in solidarity is a really powerful thing and something that CAFOD supporters do very well.

I: OK, going into the fun part. Do you have any funny story/ies that had happened in the office and you want to share?

Well, I’ll tell you the weirdest thing that has happened while I have been here. It was helping Marie, who runs the house where CAFOD Salford is based. She crocheted some sloths to raise money for someone who was doing a parachute jump and so we ended up parachuting the crocheted  sloth out of the window! It is something that does not happen every day in your daily job.


I: What will you miss the most?

R: I think  I will miss the people the most, everyone! I will miss the people, colleagues bringing me dried mango when I am on a diet (!) and the staff and volunteers in the North West. And definitely, the food. Shared lunches… CAFOD knows how to do share lunches.

NW team StJ20170926_105415_001

I: And finally, any last words that you might want to share with the volunteers or colleagues that join CAFOD team in the future?

First, for people who are already here and that I worked with, THANK YOU. And for future people who will work in CAFOD and volunteer, you really have the power to make a difference and it is a worthy place to work in. It has been great.

*Final note, from CAFOD Salford’s office we want to say to Rosie THANK YOU. Thank you for all your hard work, for supporting the people around you and making your colleagues laugh! Thank you for all and we wish you the best for the future.


Written by Estefanía González


Five Churches Walk for Share the Journey

On 28 April, almost 30 walkers from Radcliffe, Whitefield, Hazel Grove, Worsley and Simister united to play their part in the Share the Journey campaign in their annual Five Churches Walk.  Even a few of their four-legged friends played their part too!


The group collectively added over 250-miles to the combined total of 8,000 miles already walked by CAFOD supporters in England and Wales, in the 24,900 mile around the world challenge taken on in support of refugees, migrants and people on the move.

The walk began as a sponsored walk in 2010, exploring the greenest possible routes between all of the neighbouring Church of England churches in Prestwich to raise money for essential building repairs at St Gabriel’s.  Since then, they have invited others to join them, either to seek sponsorship or simply take in the surroundings and enjoy the walk and company.

Steve Williams, Priest in Charge at St Gabriel’s Church of England Parish Church in Prestwich, said:  “We do this walk each year because we love the pace, relaxation and friendship we can share at three miles an hour on the open path and country.  But we did it this year to remember those who have no choice but to walk – to look for safety and shelter from famine, war and persecution.

“We believe in the Three Mile An Hour God – who walks alongside all his people.”

CAFOD’s local representative in Prestwich, Ann Wilson, added: “We want to say a massive thank you to those who took part in the Five Churches Walk. They came together and showed local leaders that protecting refugees and migrants is an important issue to their communities.

Share the Journey will deliver a powerful message to world leaders that we want new global agreements that ensure refugees and migrants can live fairly and with dignity.”

Find out more about Share the Journey

#ThankATeacherDay – A Reflection by Estef

‘I know that you can do much better, Estefania, so you will go and repeat this exam’. That is what my literature teacher told after our first exam of the semester. I got a C- at the time. So, I studied harder and did that exam again… and I got an A-! Even though at the time I thought it was unfair for me to repeat the exam, nowadays I am so grateful to my teacher. Not only because even now I still  remember the Spanish Literature Generation of 27, but because she believed in me.

Everyone has had those experiences with the teachers. Teachers really impact our lives during and after our time at school. That is why we are so happy to celebrate  #ThankaTeacherDay, and we encourage you to say thank you to your teacher as well. And, if you are no longer at the school, maybe email them, or if you have children, thank them for all their effort.

In CAFOD Salford, we want to thank all the teachers and CAFOD Education Volunteers. Thank you for all your hard work inside the schools, and especially the Education Volunteers for teaching and creating awareness in global justice, and fundraising to help end poverty.

thank a teacher

Education volunteers from CAFOD Salford at a training day in April

This is also an opportunity to reflect on  how blessed we are to live in a place where we can go to school to learn and play everyday, and also how we can share with others. You can find unique resources for schools at CAFOD‘s page to support global learning at the classes. On the other hand, if you are not a teacher but still you believe that education empowers, you can help by giving a World Gift.

As an example of how World Gift are helping, in Peixinhos (Brazil) where domestic and gang violence are common and often caused by drugs, unemployment and lack of access to quality education, one of CAFOD’s partners in Brazil is using football to break this cycle of violence, drugs and unemployment which are ever present in the lives of many families in the community.

As always, we hope you have a wonderful day. Again, THANK YOU teachers, educators, professors for teaching, inspiring, helping and believing in us.

Written by Estefanía González