Earth Day 2018

Freshly mown grass, blue skies, sun on the skin… I love spring and all the beautiful things that God’s creation has to offer us. If you live near Heaton Park, you know that is true when I say that it is the best places in Manchester to go for a spring or summer day. With that in mind, we hope that this Earth Day we might reflect on ‘Laudato Si’ and the Pope’s invitation to everyone on the planet to care for the Earth.


Pope Francis calls on us all to make simple daily gestures to care for the world’s poorest people, for future generations and for the earth, our common home. This is an opportunity to live wisely, think deeply and love generously.

Sometimes, we do not see the extent of our actions. We might see clean streets, green parks and think that it must be like that everywhere else. However, this is far from the truth, especially with all the plastics which have been proved that they poison and injure marine life while disrupting human hormones and contaminating landfills. This exponential growth of plastics is now threatening the survival of our planet.

Laudato Si

That is why, from CAFOD Salford office we want to encourage you (and maybe challenge you a bit) to start thinking about the choices you make as a consumer. Thinking about what you are buying and why it might start changing your way of shopping. We all buy plastic water bottles, or we get stuck with plastic containers when we eat take away. So, next time you go to the supermarket have a look if you can find that product without the plastic container, or always take your reusable bag with you.

These are very small actions, but remember that every small step counts for the change. BE PART OF THE CHANGE!

You can find extra material as prayers or guidelines for your parish or school to help reflect on Laudato Si here.

April 22nd might be the perfect day to bring up that conversation with your co-worker about what can we do for the Earth.

Wishing you a lovely day everyone.

Written by Estefanía González 





Bamber Bridge students change the world!

Students from Bamber Bridge have taken on a number of fundraising activities, raising over £1,000 to help communities around the world to grow crops and receive better nutrition as part of this year’s Lent fundraising campaign.

fruit Brownedge.JPG

Students from Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School, Bamber Bridge, have been holding assemblies, non uniform days and ditching their usual break-time snacks of bread and bagels for a healthier alternative of fruit in an act of solidarity with schoolchildren in Zimbabwe – one of the countries this year’s Lent Appeal focuses on.

The school has raised £1,500 this Lent through these activities and students from across the school took part.

This Lent, CAFOD is working to combat malnutrition in Zimbabwe by providing seeds and farming training for families and communities so that everyone has enough to eat.

In an added boost, all donations to CAFOD’s Lent Appeal, up to £5 million, will be doubled by the UK government up until 12 may – meaning every donation will make double the difference.

Worldwide, one in nine people regularly go hungry. Malnutrition kills almost three million children a year. Even for a child who survives malnutrition, their growth can be stunted, and it can cause irreversible damage to mental development.

Connor, a year ten student who got involved in the school’s activities, said: “It was fun to hand out CAFOD’s stickers at break time and spread a smile!”signs.JPG

Carmel Wanless, the school’s Chaplain, added: “At Brownedge St Mary’s we focus on five key ways we can share God’s love: through kindness, hope, patience, justice and courage – and all of our school family have demonstrated these Gospel values through their fundraising and awareness raising.

“I am constantly humbled by the love they show for others and proud of how they support CAFOD. I am blessed to work with such caring people.”


CAFOD’s representative in Bamber Bridge, Ann Wilson, said: “The Lent appeal is such a great way of bringing people together and raising an incredible amount to help others.

“I’m delighted that the UK government is matching donations made by students like those at Brownedge St Mary’s high school to CAFOD’s work, showing how important the money raised will be for some of the world’s poorest people.”

The funds raised by CAFOD’s Lent Appeal will reach an estimated 245,000 people in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Eritrea and enable communities to grow a better future by providing safe water, supporting communities to plan vegetable gardens and teaching them about good nutrition and hygiene.


Donate to the Lent Appeal

Families fighting world hunger this Lent

We are so amazed and proud of everyone who has contributed to our ‘Family Fast Day’ which took place on 23rd of February. There have been so many communities and parishes supporting CAFOD’s initiative by enjoying a simple meal and donate the money saved to CAFOD. This Lent, CAFOD has been working to combat malnutrition in Zimbabwe by providing seeds and farming training for families and communities so that everyone has enough to eat.

As an example of the support, the parishioners from St Vincent’s church, Norden, raised £80 by holding their own simple soup lunch!

Graham Sivills, a parishioner from St Vincent’s, said: “It was wonderful to see the community coming together to support CAFOD.  We’re so pleased that the money raised will go to helping communities overseas, and that we could stand in solidarity with them this family fast day.”

St Vincents norden lent

It is great to see how communities come together and fight for world hunger. Worldwide, one in nine people regularly go hungry. Specially in Zimbabwe, one in three people are undernourished. January to March is the most difficult time of year for food. The rains start falling in November, but the harvest doesn’t start until April. The stores from last year are depleted – this time of year is known as the ‘hunger gap’.

Moreover, this year with the lent appeal the UK government is matching donations made by parishes like St Vincent’s to CAFOD’s work, showing how important the money raised will be for some of the world’s poorest people.

Thank you all for your continue support. With each campaign and each new action we realise how powerful we can be when we are united.

Have a wonderful day!

Written by Estefanía González