How to find CAFOD Salford

Our office is on Singleton Road, situated between Bury Old Road and Bury New Road.

By bus

In Manchester City Centre, from Piccadilly Station, proceed down to Piccadilly Gardens. Turn left. Second left is Chorlton St. Adjacent to Chorlton Street Coach Station, is a bus stop for ‘The Witch Way’ buses. Numbers x41 x43 x44. Fairly regular and fast route. It is approximately 3 miles.

Bury New Road rises, McDonalds first landmark, then Fire Station on left, then Police Station on right. Hazeldene Hotel on left. Next stop is the Moor Lane stop.

Walk back towards the traffic light and Singleton Road is on the opposite side. Katherine House is approximately 200 yards on right.

If travelling from north, just after Sedgeley Park shops, Lidl supermarket on left. Next stop is Singleton Road/Moor Lane.

From Piccadilly Gardens the 135 bus goes through Cheetham Hill, along Bury Old Road and after a major road junction, stops just past Singleton Road.

Walk back to Singleton Road and Katherine House is a 5 minute walk on the left hand side. This route is every 10 minutes. From the north bus starts at Bury interchange. This route is every 10 minutes.

By car, please refer to map belowMap to Katherine House

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3 thoughts on “How to find CAFOD Salford

  1. Pl3ease et me know when the supoorters Cafod day in Salford is ? Also I wrote a report on the Pope’ s encyclical Laudato Si for the s SHCJ whic has alsobeen added to the Vatican News letter for Justice and Peace & Integrity of Creation are you interested in reading it?
    Betsy Keating


    • Hi Betsy, I’m sorry to tell you that the CAFOD Salford Supporters Day has already taken place, it was held at the Cathedral Centre in Salford on 6th February. If you send the report to the Salford Office email:, we may be able to put it on this Blog.
      Kind Regards
      CAFOD Salford


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