CAFOD Lent Fast Day Mass – Salford Cathedral Friday 26th February

LFD 2010

Fatima and her baby in a refugee camp in Darfur with inset of the first Fast Day poster of 1960

This year’s Lent Fast Day is a very special one, it marks the 50th anniversary of the first Fast Day, when a small group from the National Board of Catholic Women (NBCW) helped organise a Lenten fast day back in 1960. This first Fast Day ultimately led to the founding of CAFOD. To celebrate this Golden Anniversary CAFOD Salford wishes to invite  everyone, supporters young or old, recent or longterm, to a Mass of Thanksgiving at the Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist in Salford. Mass will be celebrated by the Bishop of Salford, Rt Rev Terence Brain, at 12.10pm on Friday 26th February.

After Mass a simple lunch of soup and a roll will be served in the cloisters by the stalwart CAFOD Salford volunteers, the proceeds  of which go to the CAFOD Lent Fast Day fund. So please do join us to celebrate this special 50th Lent Fast Day and get some super soup as well.

Nationally, to mark this 50th anniversary CAFOD is asking us, in the best traditions of the Church, to give something up for Lent. Whatever we give up this Lent – biscuits, wine, magazines, a meal – can be transformed into lasting change for a child, a family, even a whole community in the developing world.

To help you give it up! this Lent, visit the special website: , which is packed with loads of great resources and fundraising ideas, so you can create all kinds of amazing transformations. Give up something this Lent and donate the money you save to people living in poverty.

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