St Mary’s College Blackburn Gift for CAFOD

Staff & Students hand cheque to Pauline Edwards CAFOD Schools Volunteer


The students and staff of St Mary’s College Blackburn raised a fantastic £690 for CAFOD during December as part of their Advent liturgies.

All students took part in an awareness raising reflection about the vastly differing prices and places of rice production in the first and third worlds. Everybody was made aware of the injustices of the present trading system and world market for rice. Christine Macauley, college chaplain, who helped organise the liturgies with the students said:

We emphasised how our community could give from our bounty to enable people less well off than us to live fuller and more secure lives.”

As well as all the money staff and students raised, they also offered prayer in solidarity and recognition of their shared humanity with all those people of the developing world. Pauline Edwards, CAFOD Salford schools volunteer, was on hand to receive the cheque and thank the staff and students for their fantastic fundraising efforts over Advent.  Well done St Mary’s College on your brilliant fundraising and long may it continue, as the money raised really does enable those in need to help transform their lives with the help of CAFOD projects; to see how visit the CAFOD website: transforming lives.

If you would like to raise money for CAFOD why not take part in CAFOD Salford’s Easter fundraiser: “A Walk in the Park” on Sunday 25th April, click on the link for more details. For further fundraising ideas visit the main CAFOD website:

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