CAFOD Salford Supporters Walk El Camino

Good friends Fred Uttley and John Cowell from Burnley, both CAFOD supporters, left Burnley early on Thursday 2nd September heading south for Madrid, via London and Paris. The intrepid twosome are part of a larger group, who met up in London, to travel down to Spain to complete the final  100 mile section of the famous Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route, El Camino. John Coppock, also from Burnley, travelled with them to act as a support driver once the walkers begin their pilgrimage trek in Spain. 

Rucksacks ready for the off


Fred and John have walked El Camino several times before and often to raise funds for the work of CAFOD. This year they are doing the same, raising valuable funds for the impoverished communities of the world. They are walking in solidarity with their fellow brothers and sisters who are in need of help around the world; so apparent at the moment with the flooding in Pakistan and the earlier devastating earthquake in Haiti. Fred and John are part of a larger group of sponsored walkers all pounding the pilgrimage route for CAFOD. This group of CAFOD walkers have travelled by train to Spain to reduce their carbon footprint and so help prevent climate change. The money raised will not only help CAFOD deliver emergency aid but long-term aid, whereby people help lift themselves out of poverty through receiving education, training and a means of earning a livelihood. To see how CAFOD helps individuals and communities achieve  this, visit the CAFOD website to read about just one example in Sudan, where: “it’s not just a quick fix.” 

The Burnley team have set up a just-giving page for anybody who would like to sponsor their efforts on El Camino, just follow the link to sponsor them and help change people’s lives: . 

Have you been inspired or moved to raise funds for CAFOD, then why not visit  these CAFOD website pages for ideas and resources:

Alternatively get in touch with CAFOD Salford by phone: 0161 705 0605 or by e-mail:

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