Old Friends Come to Visit CAFOD Salford

Old Friends Meet at Katherine House

Recently some old, or we should say some experienced friends visited the CAFOD Salford Office for a little re-union. Fr John Sullivan (Director of the Faith & Justice Commission), Peter Grimshaw (ex-CAFOD Lancaster and CAFOD North-West Manager), Sam Collier (Salford Office co-ordinator under CAFOD North-West) and his wife, Anthony Murphy (longtime CAFOD Volunteer) and Anne Marie Coppock all met to reminisce about old times and look forward to new developments throughout CAFOD Salford.

They shared lunch together and looked round the new look CAFOD Salford office at Katherine House. The office on Singleton Road, Salford has seen a further expansion within Katherine House, due in no small manner to the generosity of FCJ Order and Sister Brenda Dorrian NDS (Congregation of Our Lady of Sion) who run Katherine House as a meeting place and retreat centre. For further information contact Sr Brenda: khousefcj@hotmail.org or 0161 708 9744.

Anne Marie, present CAFOD Salford Diocesan Manager, said: “It was great to see some old friends and share memories of past triumphs and difficulties and also look forward to pastures new!”

3 thoughts on “Old Friends Come to Visit CAFOD Salford

  1. I found this a very interesting photo.
    I came over from N.Ireland to train at Sedgeley Park College. I lived in Katherine “Hall” in 1971/72. My room was on the top floor with the fire escape exit. (Wasn’t Fr. Sullivan the Chaplain?)
    My first teaching job was at St. Paul’s Secondary school in Urmston, where I taught French and RE. Peter Grimshaw was Head of RE there. We are still good friends and keep in touch.
    I now live and teach in Gloucestershire.
    CAFOD is a big part of life at St. Peter’s High School.


  2. That’s great. The “hall” is now a “house” Very welcoming still.
    Glad to hear CAFOD is a big part of life at your school
    God Bless
    Anne Marie Coppock


  3. I* lived in Katherine Hall in 71/72 also. I came from NI as well. I started teaching in 74 back in N Ireland and still am. It was Fr Sweeney who was chaplain not Sullivan. Mrs Gargan was the warden. I am trying to place you Irene. I have not been back to manchester since leaving in 74 but am planning to in the future.


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