Greetings from El Salvador

Dear Friends, I am delighted to share with you greetings from El Salvador. We have had a very emotional 3 days following in the footsteps of the Salvadoran Martyrs and hearing witness accounts from the time of war.  We visited the chapel and celebrated Mass where Mgr Oscar Romero was murdered. It was a very prayerful and sober morning. We heard a recording of Romero’s last words and the gun shot in the environs where the murder took place. We visited Romero’s simple house in the grounds of the Hospice and saw memorabilia from his life and time as Archbishop of San Salvador. Yesterday we visited the University of Central America where the 6 Jesuits and their two lady workers were gunned down in the dead of night.  The stories have been extraordinary and the prophecy of Romero that if he was killed he would rise again in the people of El Salvador appears very strongly to being fulfilled.  Many people and priests of this country are amazing in their  faith and commitment to working for Justice.You were all remembered in our prayers at the grave of Archbishop Romero and I will hold you all in my prayers in these coming days.     Anne Marie

2 thoughts on “Greetings from El Salvador

  1. Moving and stirring words Anne Marie, Romero does live on in the Salvadoran people. God bless you and the group in El Slavador. Keep saying those prayers.


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