Gappers Get to Ghana (Blog 2)


We write this as we are sat in the SHCJ convent in Bolgatanga. We have been here now for just over 24 hours and have been warmly welcomed by Sister Eunice SHCJ and Sister Angela SHCJ.

We travelled from Accra to Tamale by plane, then from Tamale to Bolgatanga by road with Mark, our designated driver. Whilst talking to Mark on the 3 hour journey, we discovered that his “claim to fame” is that he played opposite Michael Essien (from Chelsea FC) in an interschool football match when they were teenagers!

This morning, we have been up bright and early to attend 6.15am Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, a couple of minutes walk from the convent. After breakfast, Emma and Christine went to visit St John’s Junior High School with Sister Eunice, while Amy and Patrick visited a different school with Sister Angela.

St. Clement’s Junior High school is where Sister Angela works. We were welcomed with open arms to the school and were told that the gates were always open for us to come and visit.

The school pupils were so intuitive with their questions – they could not find out enough about England! They found it very funny that we thought it was hot in Bolgatanga when in fact they find it very cold at the moment!

It was so interesting to find out about Ghanaian schooling. The pupils were telling us that they begin their school day at 6am. At this time, they come into school and clean their classrooms before the day officially begins at 8am. They then have lessons until 2.30pm. The teachers at St. Clement’s found it fascinating that pupils in the UK do not come to school before 9am to help clean the classrooms. The pupils love being at school. They seem to really value their education.

At St. Clement’s, there is a combination of Primary and Junior High students, which goes up to the age of 14 before they go onto Senior High. They have no computers at St. Clement’s, even though they have an I.C.T. teacher, Madame Agnes, teaching them I.C.T. without a computer.

Photo of Staff at St. Clement’s Junior High (from left to right): Agnes (I.C.T), Ajara (English), Patience (Science), David (English), Daniel (Maths), Sister Angela (R.E. and Moral Studies)

We will be working with Sister Eunice and Sister Angela for the next 8 days in Bolgatanga before heading back down south to Accra, Cape Coast and Takaradi. We are being well looked after, and are looking forward to being enriched by Ghanaian culture in St. Clement’s and St. John’s school.

Until next time,

Amy and the Gappers x

One thought on “Gappers Get to Ghana (Blog 2)

  1. Dear Amy and The Gappers!

    We have enjoyed reading about your experiences so far on your blog, it all sounds very interesting and exciting! We were all very shocked to hear that the children go to school at 6am to clean their classrooms – we don’t realise how lucky we are here at St. John’s! The sisters (and the drivers!) sound so friendly and welcoming, you must feel so happy with them.

    You mentioned that it is incredibly hot – what is the temperature? (It is freezing here in Manchester!) Also, have you seen any interesting animals yet?!

    We are looking forward to finding out more about the Ghanian culture.

    Look after each other!
    Love from
    Miss Burke & Year 6CB
    St. John’s Primary School, Chorlton, Manchester


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