CAFOD Salford’s 50 Fairtrade Favourites

Front Cover of 50 Fairtrade Favourites

As you already probably know this year marks the 50th Anniversary of the founding of CAFOD. To mark this special year CAFOD Salford has published a recipe book of “50 Fairtrade Favourites”. The recipes in the book come from our very own CAFOD Salford volunteers and supporters, CAFOD staff and our friends in the Union of Catholic Mothers (UCM). Acknowledging the great commitment to Fairtrade by our many volunteers and supporters we are pleased to offer this book as a memento of the support given to CAFOD’s work over the past years by the Catholic Community in the Diocese of Salford.

The recipes use Fairtrade ingredients to create delicious cookies, cakes and jam. CAFOD was a founding member of the Fairtrade Foundation which helps poor farmers around the world to become Fairtrade certified and thus obtain a fair price for their produce. This enables farming communities to lift themselves out of poverty and gain access to basic needs, such as healthcare and education.  So why not purchase a copy during Fairtrade Fortnight (27th February – 11th March) to get baking and help communities lift themselves out of poverty.

This delightful colourful recipe book can be purchased for only £6 and all profits from its sale will go towards the work of CAFOD around the world. To order your copy please contact your local CAFOD Action Team (CAT) Communicator or the CAFOD Salford Office: 0161 705 0605 or

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