St John’s Serve up Soup for CAFOD

St John's ladies ready to serve!

This Lent the people of St John the Baptist’s Burnley are supporting CAFOD by holding a Soup Kitchen. Every Friday during Lent a dedicated group of ladies from St John’s are making soup to raise funds for CAFOD’s work.

Each Friday during Lent a lunch of potato & leek or vegetable soup with bread, followed by cheese & crackers with tea, is being served up, all for the price of £2. St John’s CAFOD Group decided to hold their soup kitchen to support CAFOD’s “Give it up for Water” 2012 Lenten Appeal. The parish of St John the Baptist’s has been a long-term supporter of CAFOD, in fact the parish has had a CAFOD group for nearly 30 years. The Lenten soup kitchen has been an annual fundraiser for most of those 30 years and has raised nearly £15,000 for CAFOD’s development work across the globe. Local bakery firm Warburton’s have kindly donated the bread for the soup kitchens so more money can be raised for CAFOD.

The parish’s Give it Up! fundraising will have double the impact this year after CAFOD was awarded UK Aid Match funding for their Lent appeal. This means the UK government will match pound for pound every donation given to CAFOD’s Lent appeal.

Andrew Mitchell, Secretary of State for International Development, said: “CAFOD is working to improve water access, sanitation and hygiene for some of the world’s most vulnerable and neglected people, including those affected by war, climate change and disease. It is potentially life-saving work, tackling cholera, helping girls attend school rather than having to fetch water and ensuring that children know about hygiene and waterborne diseases.

“By matching pound for pound all public donations, the UK Government will help CAFOD double its impact, ensuring tens of thousands more families have access to clean water and sanitation and are provided with everything from water purification kits and soap to training in how to fix a broken borehole.”

Jackie Hindle South, member of St John’s CAFOD Group, said: “We take water for granted over here and don’t think about it until there is a problem but nearly a billion people around the world don’t have access to clean water. Diseases caused by dirty water claim more lives than any war.  It doesn’t need to be this way. Together we can make a difference and tackle some of the injustices that exist. It also gives us a chance to learn and talk more about the world and it’s so nice getting together as a community.”

St John the Baptist’s parish is one of many across England and Wales taking part in ‘Give it Up! The initiative invites people of all ages to give up a treat, such as wine, chocolate or their favourite magazine, and donate the money to CAFOD instead. Many parishes, like St John’s, are also holding Give it Up! fundraisers, for fundraising ideas visit the CAFOD website.

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