Loreto Chaplain Completes CAFOD Water Challenge

Chris Knowles, the lay chaplain at Loreto College in Manchester has been helping the students and staff to get involved in CAFOD’s “Thirst for Change” campaign. The students have been raising awareness and money during Lent for the Give it up for Water Appeal through a number of fundraising and campaigning activities, for further information see the earlier blog entry:


However, Chris has been very busy himself during Lent, in fact for one whole week he took up the very difficult “Water Challenge”. During one week in March Chris lived on only 10 litres of water per day and carried the water around with him! 10 litres is what the average person in the world’s poorest countries uses every day for their washing, cooking and drinking. The average person in Europe uses about 200 litres per day. People have been sponsoring Chris’ efforts and he hopes to raise about £1,000. He also managed to get his story in the local press, the Manchester Evening News and so spread the work of CAFOD far and wide. To see the article click on the link below:

MEN Loretto College

A big thank you to the students of Loreto College and to Chris for their fundraising and campaigning exploits. If you feel inspired to raise funds for CAFOD’s work please visit the website: http://www.cafod.org.uk/get-involved/fundraising.

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