Ethiopian CAFOD Partner Visits Loreto College

Lemlem flanked by Loreto students

Early in May, CAFOD Salford were delighted to host the visit of Lemlem Berhe Tsegay, one of CAFOD’s Ethiopian partners. Lemlem is an irrigation engineer and works with ADCS ( Adigrat Diocese Catholic Secretariat).  During her visit Lemlem spoke about her work to CAFOD supporters at Katherine House and also got the opportunity to visit Loreto College in Hulme.

At Loreto Lemlem met two students who had helped raise funds for CAFOD and had done much to promote the “Thirst for Change” campaign during Lent. Lemlem also had the chance to speak to five RE classes in the Lower 6th (Year 12) telling each group about her work in Ethiopia.

Loreto College is the most environmental friendly building in Manchester with its state of the art rain water collection and cooling systems and being a water engineer Lemlem was very interested in the technology behind these systems. As a result Lemlem was shown these systems on the roof of Loreto College by two site engineers.

Lemlem with Loreto Site Engineers on the roof

Lemlem and her family are from Mek’ele in the north of Ethiopia, about 700km north of Addis Ababa.  She had always wanted to be an engineer.  She was awarded a government grant to study at Awassa University, 200 km south of Addis Ababa (about 3 days’ bus journey from her family in Mek’ele).  She likes design and maths and enjoys the visibility of her work.   There were 22 women who started engineering in her class at university, but only 4 of them graduated.   The rest of them dropped out.  She was the only woman from Tigray province to graduate in engineering and she is the only woman in the Livelihoods Programme Team (out of 4 staff in total).

To find out more about CAFOD’s work in Ethiopia please visit the website:

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