CAFOD Eventful Weekend – Pope Paul VI Lecture & Campaign Launch

Poster for Pope Paul VI Lecture & Campaign Conference. Download a copy below.

CAFOD are holding a very eventful weekend over the 9th & 10th November. On the evening of Friday 9th November at 7.15pm a lively panel discussion will take place on the “Challenge of Turning 50” as part of the Pope Paul VI Memorial Lecture, with John Battle, Fr Joe Komakoma, Rosamund Urwin and Catherine Pepinster acting as the Chair.

Proceedings start at 7:15pm and doors will open at 6:45pm.

The Venue: The Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 3DW
Tickets: £6 per person (includes complimentary glass of wine following the lecture)
Tickets must be purchased in advance.
Please contact CAFOD on 020 7095 5684 to book tickets
Visit: for more information and directions to the venue.

The following day, Saturday 10th November, CAFOD will launch its new campaign, “Hungry for Change”.

The conference runs from 10.30am-5.00pm.
Venue: Westminster Cathedral Hall, London SW1P 1QW
Book at or call us on 020 7095 5417
Any schools interested in attending please contact: 020 7095 5684. #hungryforchange

What to expect:
• An enormous shared feast
• An attention-grabbing Hungry for Change stunt
• A pop-up exhibition
• Inspiring, international speakers
• An opportunity to get to know your fellow campaigners…
as well as a few surprises!
Bring along a friend or family member too.

Please feel free to download the poster for the two events to advertise in your parish or school:

PPVI + Campaigns Conf joint poster

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