DRC Emergency Update.


CAFOD has committed £200,000 to Caritas Goma to spend immediately on blankets, tents, household kits for people who’ve been forced from their homes in Goma. The Catholic Church is one of the only institutions delivering immediate aid. Goma town is described as very quiet, shops and businesses are now open but not the banks.  There is still no water or electricity in the town. The people of Goma are collecting water from Lake Kivu, which is unsafe drinking water. There is great concern that this could lead to a cholera outbreak. Over 40 bodies have been counted in Goma, but there is no official  overall count.


CAFOD staff members on the ground are working closely with partner Caritas Goma visiting camps across  Goma town, doing rapid assessments. They visited the following camps:

1.      Notre Dame d’Afrique– 3,270 people are in a church compound with no water;

2.      Don Bosco Ngangi  in need of food,  and household kits;

3.      Christ Mon Roche parish – 295 in need of food water and medical care;

4.      Mungunga 3 – is filling quickly . The camp had an estimated 23,000 before the recent conflict now  44,500 additional people have arrived.  There is no water  or food.  Three children have already died since the beginning of the conflict five days ago;

5.      There are an estimated 25,000 people living with host families.

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