Don’t forget your World Gifts!

Loreto High School Chorlton featured on the CAFOD National Website!

Pens, pencils, books, a uniform. At first these seem like quite ordinary things that many of us are thinking about as the new term is upon us, and yet for many people in developing countries – where many families can’t afford to send their children to school – these things are life-changing.

School Starter Kit World Gift from CAFODCAFOD’s new range of World Gifts are available now, and the School Starter Pack is just one of the gifts available to buy, and at just £7 is quite far from ordinary. In fact, that’s just what students at Loreto High School in Chorlton thought this month when they came together in their Justice and Peace group to raise money to buy a selection of World Gifts.

Loreto High Salford cake sale for CAFOD World Gifts

Loreto High Salford cake sale for CAFOD World Gifts

Raising around £70 through selling an amazing array of cakes for their classmates, the J&P group decided to buy a selection of gifts, including one of these School Starter Packs.

School Starter pack for £7

This gift simply means that the students are helping other children go to school.

This gift can provide a child with pens, books, school fees and daily meals – everything they need to attend school and fulfil their potential.

James from Tanzania

James from Tanzania

James is just 16 years old and lives in Tanzania, but he has big ambitions. “I want to be somebody to remember, a remarkable person,” he says. Thanks to CAFOD paying his school fees and providing essentials like notebooks and pens, James is now studying at Mairiva Secondary School.

Like thousands of children and young people in Tanzania, James has already had to overcome a lot of tragedy and hardship just to get to school. “My father passed away when I was in class three and my mother when I was in class seven. I now live with my sister in her home and CAFOD help pay my school fees.”

Despite his difficult start in life, James is now thriving and is top of his class. One day, he hopes his hard work will pay off so he can fulfil his dream of becoming an accountant.

Here are the other gifts they purchased with their cake sale money:

School Starter pack for £7

Gift of Refuge and safety for £10

Teach someone to read for £10

Vegetable garden for £10

Drought resistant crops for £12

Chirpy chickens for £20

The Loreto students will now receive a beautifully illustrated card which explains how their gift is helping people fighting poverty in developing countries. In the meantime, the £69 they spent will go into the appropriate World Gifts Fund – and help to pay for similar work around the world.

World Gifts from CAFOD catalogue

World Gifts from CAFOD catalogue

Over the last few years, up and down the country, CAFOD supporters have been using World Gifts to fundraise in solidarity with the world’s poorest people.

Well done to everyone at Loreto High school for raising money to buy World gifts, they really do make a world of difference. Check out our brand new World Gifts range at

There are so many ways to get involved with World Gifts this year, with a range of resources to support lessons and worship that can be downloaded from

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