Ged calls for Supporters.

Ged Edwards, CAFOD Salford manager, calls for supporters to ask the Government to deliver on its promises to developing countries.   In particular we ask the Government to enshrine in legislation its commitment to provide 0.7% of GDP, the commitment to international aid recommended for all countries by the United Nations.

Ged says: “We are pleased that this year the Government has agreed to honour its International Development commitment in the budget but are disappointed that it has reneged on its undertaking to enshrine this in law.  In this year of campaigning to change this through the IF and Hungry for Change Campaigns, we urge all supporters and those concerned about protecting the most vulnerable people on earth to sign up to change this so the Government knows how strong is our support for the defenceless.”

To register your concern, please click here.  For those able to join us in person to voice their concerns on June 8th at the IF Campaign G8 Rally in London to amke their views known in person, please contact Mary Clark at the CAFOD Salford Office 0161 705 0605.  Further details on the event available here.

The latest film from the IF Campaign highlights the vital difference British Aid has made.

For a summary of how British overseas aid organisations like CAFOD are working together to resolve world hunger at this year’s G8 Summit in the UK and why it is so important, click here

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