CAFOD Salford at G8 Rally


Salford at the G8 rally!

Last Saturday 39 of us gathered at Piccadilly station on a beautiful sunny morning and headed to London for what was a wonderful and memorable day. 8 of our supporters travelled with the Lancaster Diocesan group from Preston.

The ecumenical service was inspirational –rousing music and thoughtful words. We not only filled Westminster Central Hall, but also the overflow areas which meant large numbers of supporters were outside the Hall, too. A priest in the crowd celebrated Mass for them in the Square! Archbishop Vincent Nicholls gave a powerful homily calling us to root our work for justice in faith and love.

After quite a slow ‘Walk of Witness’ we arrived in Hyde Park to find a sea of CAFOD T shirts. Despite being split up by then, we met old friends and new at the CAFOD space on the field where we sat for a welcome break. It felt wonderful being part of CAFOD and the wider development and justice movement. The speakers displayed passion for justice and for real and lasting change, inspiring us to believe this is what our generation has to do. Danny Boyle, David Harewood and Bill Gates were just some of those speakers.

Meanwhile, down the road in the Unilever Centre, representatives of Governments, Business and civil society were discussing financing for nutrition. $4bn pledged – a good start.

Many contributed to the amazing spinning flowers installation on the far side of the Serpentine, a huge IF.

Saturday’s events marked the start of a 10 day countdown to the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, 17-18th June, with the Tax, Transparency and Trade Summit next Saturday and we continue to keep the pressure up until then. Over the weekend, we showed people who doubted the strength of our movement; that it remains the most vibrant development movement in the world and that our actions will have a long lasting impact on some of the poorest and most disadvantaged in the world.

We returned tired but satisfied that our intrepid Salford supporters will always be part of this movement for change.

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