IF Campaign Achievements

The IF Campaign – What have we achieved so far?

It’s been a busy few months especially this month with the Big IF G8 Rally in London with 45,000 people attending. So what have we achieved so far?

As the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland came to an end, it was clear that all the work put in by so many people in CAFOD and organisations across the land had borne fruit in this vital campaign for the people in the poorest nations be whom so many have stood in solidarity.

CAFOD director of advocacy Neil Thorns said: “We should never accept as normal the fact that one in eight hardworking men and women, or their children, go to bed hungry nor should we ever accept governments and business not being transparent about their activities and the contributions they’re making to society.

“At the G8 we made some real progress in addressing this. The Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign held up some of the root causes of hunger and poverty in the world, such as tax and transparency, and the G8 has made some significant headway.”

On transparency and tax evasion, see:


On 10 days of action against hunger, including outcomes of the Nutrition for Growth and Open for Growth events (focus on tax, transparency and trade):


The UK Government’s commitment to Overseas Aid –  The UK Government kept its promise to spend 0.7% of GDP on aid – something we’ve been campaigning for since the 1970s. And G8 leaders pledged an extra $4.1 billion that could help tackle malnutrition and save the lives of almost two million children.

THANK YOU! See this great ‘thank you’ video:


Next steps – Hungry for change continues

The IF campaign will officially end in October. The coalition is currently looking at the plans until the autumn but we know that there won’t be another big political opportunity for the coalition to come together. At CAFOD, we’ll be building on the achievements of the last months, with Hungry for change, in which we’ll continue to work toward checks on the power of global food companies and support for small scale farmers through empowering aid. From October we’ll have new materials and a campaign report looking at the impact of climate change on food security. So watch this space!

Best wishes

Ged Edwards
CAFOD Diocesan Manager – Diocese of Salford

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