Salford Student Off To Riot-Hit Brazil

A student from Salford is travelling to Brazil next week to see first-hand the poverty that has fuelled recent riots in the country.

Amy Armstrong, (23), from Northallerton Road, will be visiting programmes funded by the Catholic aid agency CAFOD that support homeless families in Sao Paulo, as well as helping to improve the living conditions of families who live in the poorest ‘favelas’ of the city through legal education and organisational support. She will also join millions of young people in Rio de Janeiro to take part in World Youth Day, where Pope Francis will celebrate Mass.

Amy is a full-time volunteer with Just Youth, a CAFOD partner in Salford, empowering young people to work for social justice around the world. She will see for herself how money raised by CAFOD is changing the lives of the most vulnerable. The projects she will visit include the Movement for the Defence of People Living In Favelas, which leads campaigns to lobby the city government for greater investment in basic services: housing, electricity, clean water, sanitation and childcare centres.

Amy said:

“I’m really excited as I love learning about other cultures. I want to learn more about poverty and people’s struggles so that I can engage more deeply with questions of social justice. I am excited about bringing my experiences back home with me to inspire other young people to change the world for the better.”

Amy will be meeting families and young people in Brazil: a country where 16 million people live in extreme poverty and 17.8% of young people are unemployed.


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