CAFOD Schools Award for St Cecilia’s

CAFOD Award 16th July 2013 004

How does it feel like to be the first school in the Diocese of Salford to be presented with the ‘CAFOD Award – Action for Global Justice, Pray – Give – Act’? To answer this question just ask the members of the St Cecilia’s RC High School CAFOD Link Group who have received the Award on 16th July from CAFOD Salford Manager Ged Edwards.

During the morning members of the CAFOD Link Group were able to show their Powerpoint presentations on Fairtrade issues, CAFOD’s work and a puppet show which they are hoping to perform in the local primary schools. Most of the £450 they fundraised during the year was invested in their virtual village and Le Tour de Fred.

Ged hands over the award to members of St Cecilia's CAFOD Group

Ged hands over the award to members of St Cecilia’s CAFOD Link Group

Ged Edwards spoke to the group about the vital work CAFOD provides overseas, new fundraising ideas, how CAFOD raises awareness of global justice issues and how it involves local parishes as well as the IF-Campaign. The pupils presented Ged with homemade posters, leaflets and activity books as well as a cook book they compiled to raise funds for CAFOD.  To sum up the morning fun was had by all and Ged praised the pupils for all their hard work, effort and dedication throughout the last school year before he presented the award to them.  The CAFOD Link Group are delighted to receive the award as well as an invitation to the CAFOD Salford Office and are busy planning for the new term in September.

5 thoughts on “CAFOD Schools Award for St Cecilia’s

  1. Hi Ged and Mary,

    This is such a great idea!

    We would love to use the information on our website/facebook, can you confirm if we are allowed to use the photos and story online?



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