Holy Family Heywood visit CAFOD’s Romero House

Holy Family pupils outside CAFOD's Romero House in London

Holy Family pupils with Fr Raymond outside CAFOD’s Romero House in London

On Wednesday 10th July, Romero House, CAFOD’s Head Office, hosted a special delegation from Holy Family Roman Catholic and Church of England College in Heywood, Rochdale, a joint faith college.

Led by Governor Brian Bennion, the pupils were absolutely delighted with the day which began superbly when one of the CAFOD staff recognised the children from the CAFOD badges they were wearing at the bus stop and so was able to lead them to the office!

The children loved being shown round and were pleased to be able to see the different sections such as education and campaigns (“Hungry for Change” is the current campaign). They finished off with lunch on the top floor in the pavilion. They then went to Westminster to meet their MP, Jim Dobbin. Father Raymond, from Nigeria, accompanied them too.

Holy Family pupils outside the Houses of Parliament with their MP, Jim Dobbin & Fr Raymond

Holy Family pupils & staff at the Houses of Parliament with MP, Jim Dobbin & Fr Raymond

The pupils went into St Luke’s CE Primary School in Heywood this week to give an assembly and tell them about CAFOD’s work using the extra information they gathered during their visit to Romero House.

Thanks to Brian Bennion, Fr Raymond and to everyone in Romero House who made their visit so memorable. Days like this have a huge impact on the pupils attending and shape their thinking and commitment to the work of Global Justice and to CAFOD in particular. Holy Family College have raised thousands of pounds for CAFOD over the years. It’s only with this kind of support that CAFOD is able to help those in most need around the world, many thanks Holy Family and good luck with your future work tackling Global Justice!

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