Le Tour de Fred Update & Video

Well, gentle reader, as you may well know, Fred Uttley, our 68 year-old, not-been-cycling-for-50-years, great-granddad, made it back from his amazing cycling trip around England and Wales at the end of June. Fred was cycling to raise awareness and money for the “Hungry for Change” campaign. For those who made it to the Supporters Day in June at Padiham, you will have seen some of the pictures and heard some of the great stories Fred and Mark, who went with him all the way, had to share.

Thousands of people met them.  The Great and the Good met him.  Children from 20 schools met him, not to mention the people from 16 parishes and 8 Cathedrals who all heard Fred speak from his heart about the need to change the world food system, which sees 1 in 8 go hungry every night even though there’s enough to feed us all.

And, to date, ….

Fred has raised £10,000 for the CAFOD Food project in Rajshahi Bangladesh!  Thank you all for your kindness!!  Please, if you want to add to this total you can still sponsor Fred by clicking here.  The money you raise will help us to bring hunger to an end.

So just sit back now for a few minutes and watch the video and appreciate something of what the months of planning, training, dedication, and sheer graft of such an enormous effort achieved!

Thanks so much to Fred and Mark!!  You’re amazing!

Feeling inspired to raise money to help defeat hunger? Then visit the CAFOD website for ideas of how to get involved:


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