IF Campaign comes to an end

For the first half of this year CAFOD was heavily involved in the IF campaign and many of you have been involved in this. Below is a thank you letter from Sally Copley, IF campaign spokesperson, detailing the achievements of the campaign:

Hello Supporters,

Since this campaign launched in January, you’ve been central to it. I wanted to let you know what you’ve helped achieve and what’s happening next as the campaign reaches its end. 

Enough Food For Everyone IF has been a success because you and thousands of others made a big enough noise against hunger. Big or small, whatever you did, thank you. 

Here’s what we achieved together in just 6 short months:

•Aid promise kept – Your campaigning made sure the Chancellor, George Osborne, committed to spend 0.7% of national income on life changing aid.

•Better nutrition – 45,000 of you came to London’s Hyde Park and helped get world leaders to pledge $4.1 billion, which will help 20 million children get the food they need.

•Unearthing land grabs – You helped put land grabs on the G8 agenda for the very first time.

•Backing climate finance – Your efforts helped get a plan in place to get the funds needed to help poor countries adapt to climate change.

•Transparent Tax – In the UK: George Osborne failed to reform UK tax laws, but he couldn’t ignore our calls to tackle the elephant in the room – our own UK tax havens. On the global stage: Thousands of you gathered in Belfast and put huge pressure on the G8 to set out the great ambition to tackle tax dodging, which they did days later at the Summit – unthinkable just a few months ago.


Click here to find out more about the great things you made happen:

IF Thank You

Whether you’ve been involved in campaigns like this for years, or just got stuck in for the very first time, you have been absolutely central to our success. I hope you’re as proud of that as I am.

 Although this will be the last update you’ll get from us, as a campaigner already involved in this movement, I hope that you’ll keep speaking out against hunger.

Thanks very much for your support, now and in the future.

Sally Copley

IF campaign spokesperson

You can still get involved in the CAFOD “Hungry for Change” campaign which runs until later this year. As you can see from above campaigning does work.

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