Lobbying Bill Update from CAFOD

CAFOD campaigners express concern over flawed lobbying bill 

A bill for a register of lobbyists is currently being passed through parliament. But as it stands, the bill is missing a vital opportunity to bring greater transparency to government decision-making.

CAFOD campaigners have been writing to their MPs to demand transparency and take a fairer approach to lobbying. Thanks to people across England and Wales taking action, over half of MPs have directly heard our concerns.

We are continuing to put pressure on decision-makers. Although the bill is flawed, the government still has a chance to put it right.

Take action now. Demand transparency>>

Why are we concerned about the lobbying bill?

A wide range of charities, churches, think tanks and MPs from all parties share our concerns over the possible impacts of this proposed legislation. Many feel the bill threatens their activities that contribute to informed public debate and democratic scrutiny.

Part one of the bill deals with a statutory register of lobbyists. In its current form the proposed register only captures a fraction of the lobbying industry and contains little meaningful information on activities.

In addition, part two of the bill risks further securing the influence of those who operate in the shadows, by closely restricting campaigns on public policy during an election year.

Neil Thorns, the Director of Advocacy and Communications, said, “In reality the bill would mean that mass coalition campaigns like Make Poverty History- which was run during an election year would have been illegal.” 

Read more about our concerns on the lobbying bill>>

What can I do?

Now is a crucial time to express our concerns and demand changes to this piece of legislation.

Please email your MP to call for amendments to the lobbying bill. Demand transparency now>>

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