The Periodic Table Stitched Up for CAFOD

Ged Edwards (CAFOD Diocesan Manager) & Pauline Wynn (Loreto College Chemistry Department) with the stitched Periodic Table

Ged Edwards (CAFOD Diocesan Manager) & Pauline Wynn (Loreto College Chemistry Department) with the stitched Periodic Table

It’s been studied and memorised by generations of students, learnt by rote, chanted, expressed in poetic form, even famously sung by Tom Lehrer; but now the Periodic Table of the Elements has been well and truly stitched up.

Staff and students at Loreto Sixth Form College in Manchester worked together to create a unique chemistry resource: a cross-stitched Periodic Table of the Elements! One hundred and eleven individual chemical element symbols, from Hydrogen to Roentgenium, with their atomic numbers, were hand stitched by over seventy staff and students. The stitchers paid for the privilege, raising money for CAFOD, as part of the College’s Lenten appeal. The individual element symbols were then brought together to form the full table, with all groups and periods correct, and framed for posterity.

The project was coordinated by Pauline Wynn from the Chemistry Department of Loreto College who said: “I’m really pleased it all came together so well. Staff and students were very supportive and it gave us another purpose to raise funds for CAFOD too.”

The table was unveiled in a ceremony at the college by Paul O’Brien, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Manchester. A celebratory party was enjoyed by chemistry students, staff and visitors to the College from OCR, The Royal Society of Chemistry, CAFOD and the Women’s Institute. The talented stitchers, including some former students, inspected their work with delight as they admired the completed Periodic Table. Continuing the theme they then enjoyed cakes with chemical elements icing, background music of “The Elements Song” and the chance to network with visitors. The table is now hanging in the science department to be used and enjoyed by all chemistry students!

Ged Edwards, CAFOD Diocesan Manager in Salford says: “It’s a typically innovative thing for Loreto College staff to do, combining learning and thoughtfulness for others in the world, what a fantastic and memorable achievement!”

Feeling inspired to raise funds for CAFOD, then why not visit the CAFOD website for ideas:

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