CAFOD Cake Sale at Loreto


The Justice and Peace group at Loreto High in Chorlton organised their 4th annual CAFOD Bake Sale on Wednesday 23rd October in the drama room at lunchtime. As usual, it was a huge success due to the generous donations of cakes from both staff and pupils. The standard of the cakes goes up each year and there were some gorgeous cakes for sale. Some pupils, in particular, had gone to town and had made cakes worthy of any ‘well to do’ café in Manchester. Overall, over £190 was raised for CAFOD – well done to everyone involved.

The Justice and Peace group will now look through the CAFOD World Gifts catalogue to use the money to buy world gifts to add to the goat already purchased by the Year 11 youth ministry group. With the huge amount of money raised they are hoping to create a ‘virtual village’ of gifts to ensure those in the ‘Global South’ are provided with the means to lead their lives in dignity.




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