St Mary’s Brownedge – Connect2 – Sebeya Ethiopia

Linda Swarbrick of St Mary’s Brownedge shares the news about their new Connect2 project:

The parish will be supporting the water project in Sebeya for the next three years; we have already sent £2,000 to support this project. Sebeya is a village of around 9,000 people in the dry, arid north of Ethiopia. Most of the people of Sebeya make a living through farming.

Tamiru Legesse is the communications officer for CAFOD in Sebeya and is our contact there. He is a person who has visited and built up relationships with the priest and people of the town. We were fortunate to meet him in person during a visit to Liverpool in the summer. He is resposible for the interviews and photographs to introduce the people of Sebeya to our parish.

(See the Connect2 Blog to learn more about the community of Sebeya:

We are hoping to CONNECT2 the people of Sebeya through Tamiru and have just sent some parish photos, a Christmas card and a small cross made by a parishioner to them. We would encourage any parish to give Connect2 a try, it is rewarding and beneficial to both communities.

Linda Swarbrick, CAFOD Co-ordinator, St Mary’s Brownedge.


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