Blessed Trinity College’s “Big Share” for CAFOD

CAFOD's "Big Share" for Harvest Fast Day & October

CAFOD’s “Big Share” for Harvest Fast Day & October

During the month of October, the pupils and staff of Blessed Trinity RC College in Burnley took part in CAFOD’s “Big Share” for schools. They raised a fantastic £1000 for the work of CAFOD.

The “Big Share” was centred around CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day of 4th October. The “Big Share” asked pupils to bring something of theirs to share at the table with their less fortunate sisters and brothers across the globe. Blessed Trinity pupils certainly did this by organizing cake sales, donating their pocket-money and holding further form based activities to raise money.

The pupils also raised awareness of the issues around the fact that 1 in 8 people (870 million) still go to bed hungry every night despite there being more than enough food for everyone on the planet. They also learned more about CAFOD’s “Hungry for Change” campaign which highlights the fact that the way that food is grown, sold and shared out is not working for the world’s poorest people, and how we have the power to change this injustice and to tackle global hunger. Thank you Blessed Trinity for your fantastic fundraising for CAFOD, the money raised will help change the lives of those most in need. A special thank you must go to the pupils in the Chaplaincy Team who helped organize much of the fundraising.

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