Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

CAFOD worked with the Catholic Church in South Africa to stand up to injustices committed under the apartheid regime. After apartheid collapsed, CAFOD worked with Church-based organisations responding to the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

The greatest honour we can pay Nelson Mandela – the legacy that he warrants – is that we build the world he wanted to see: a world free from any form of division, whether between black or white, rich or poor, man or woman. And that we live our lives the way he served both his cruel punishment on Robben Island and his country so magnificently afterwards: with selflessness, courage and compassion.

CAFOD’s supporters in Diocese of Salford stood in the vanguard of the battle against apartheid, and the demand for Nelson Mandela’s freedom. His fight was ours. We helped fund the ‘New Nation’ newspaper and worked through local churches to deliver health care in the townships, churches whose priests and bishops were so often literally in the front line against the forces of oppression.

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