From Angela Motiwala in El Salvador

It has been a wonderful six days, jam packed with travelling, meeting new people, planning, learning Spanish and working as a team.

El Salvador is enchanting with volcanoes, mountains and greenery almost everywhere you look. However the true beauty lies within the people we have met.

An example: on Saturday we were met with open arms by the Rodriguez family who taught us how to paint in the style of the Romero crosses.

We arrived as complete strangers but greeted as family. Lazaro even told us to call him uncle and his wife aunt. You may wonder why he should do this. Lazaro didn’t need to be kind like that he didn’t have to meet with us, but no! They made us homemade hot chocolate and filled our bellies with delicious cakes.

Everyone has problems! Lazaro’s problem is that his son ( 25 years old) has been detained in prison since last April. He was friends with people in gangs. When the gangs were arrested so was he. He now lives in such poor conditions, his family have to bribe the prison guards to give him food. After a fight broke out between gangs the prison doesn’t allow any prisoner to receive clothes, only underwear and shirts . Recently the prison guards have been getting women visitors to strip completely and do exercises, Lazaro’s son asked his mum and sisters not to go and see him because of this.

Although this is a truly horrific injustice and the family have suffered a great sadness, there is hope he could get out on 27th January 2014 and his previous job in the town hall still awaits him.

Lazaro and the rest of his family trust in God that he will get out.

I shall keep you in the loop. God Bless

Angela Motiwala
Step In To The Gap




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