Supporters’ Day a Success.

Supporters’ Day on February 8th – when CAFOD supporters came together as CAFOD volunteers

You are not alone!
When considering what really attracts us to CAFOD as volunteers the overwhelming response was being in relationship with others. What keeps us? CAFOD makes it easy!

This relationship was experienced throughout our Supporters’ Day on February 8th at Salford Cathedral Centre.
Relationship with our partners overseas was illustrated by a video of Kayode in Kenema in Sierra Leone praying for us.

Relationship with God was evident in the prayer time we spent together at the beginning middle and end of day. Relationship with each other might have high jacked the programme without Ged’s gentle but firm steering as the buzz of our chatter sometimes overtook task!

CAFOD making it easy was demonstrated by Bernadette McIntosh’s Fast Day input, ‘Digging Deep’. She showed us resources which seemed accessible, friendly and productive. Her overview of last Fast Day informed us on where to focus to achieve results.

Sessions led by Ged and Eamonn guided us to plan future events to keep CAFOD Salford alive and productive.
And why do we do it? We want to make a difference. Our hearts were touched again and again by Ann’s sharing of her experiences in El Salvador which moved us greatly to remember deep in our souls our unquenchable need for relationship with our brothers and sisters overseas.

An opportunity to join us now if you weren’t able to join us on the day.
Please join in this reflection and have a moment for CAFOD. Send your feedback to Ged.

Play some gentle music, light a candle, settle yourself to your comfy place, relax, breathe deeply and close your eyes. Imagine sitting in a luscious garden, feel the sunlight on your face, breathe in Sun, the Son of God and breathe out tensions, worries, frustrations, general tiredness, pressures at home:
Breathe in air, breath of life, breath of God, energy, peace.
Breathe out distractions, Continue for a while.
After your breathing has relaxed start to look around your imaginary garden, smell the earth, the fragrance of blossom, see trees, see the mustard seed/tree, admire the roots, planting it strongly in the earth, grounding it. Admire the trunk , touch and feel the bark:
The trunk… the strong part trying to hold things up feeding up from the roots.
Admire the branches … feeding from the roots … reaching out…
Admire the leaves. .. growing annually and ready to cascade down
Admire the colourful, fragrant flowers attracting busy bees and shining out to everyone
Admire the small seeds and their ability and resourcefulness to be ready to begin everything again.
Then, silence let the bee do his work and just be in the garden, noticing what you alone will notice, holding close things that matter and letting go of all else to enjoy the warm sun soothing, warming, calming peace …..
Come back to the moment and ask yourself what you have learnt about your relationship with CAFOD and where you fit. Think of your own network as a mustard tree and how you can reach out to spread the message of CAFOD and pass on the seeds.

Talk to Ged, Mary, a CAFOD friend about your thoughts/ ideas.
Pray the Prayer of the Mustard Seed:

We pray to you God with the faith of a mustard seed,
that all we do,
all we say,
all we think,
and all we hope
will take root in this world
and be the source for of new expressions
of your love,
of your justice,
of your character,
of your mission,
and of your kingdom.
May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven
through us,
alongside us,
despite us,
and for us.
For yours is the kingdom,
yours is the power,and yours is the glory
whenever our tiny expressions of faith invite your reign to come.

Shane Alexander


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