Justice and Peace Presentation.


Justice and Peace Association Presentation at St Mary and St John Fisher Church, Denton
Saturday 22nd March 2014

Over 60 people gathered in the church hall, after midday Mass to listen to a presentation by CAFOD volunteer Ann Wilson about El Salvador, Oscar Romero and the legacy that he left after his death in 1980. Ann returned from a pilgrimage with the Romero Trust in November and was able to give an up-to-date account of the situation as she saw it in El Salvador. The talk was illustrated with photos of the people she met there and whose stories informed the presentation.
The spirit of Oscar Romero is present in the people and in the work for social justice there of which he was so much a part.
From left to right on the photo, Father Peter Kinsella is holding the drinking cup made out of a coconut shell. This was used to offer a rice drink in Romero’s house and the ring, held by Maria is what is used to stabilize it. The cooking vessels are typical of the country and were bought from a roadside stall. Christopher has a chalice made by Fernando Llort, the famous El Salvadorean artist, which was used in the mass. Pat is holding a Salvadorean cross designed by Fernando Llort. Frances has a poster bearing the words of Ignacio Ellacuria, one of the Jesuits martyred in 1989. The book is Memoirs in a Mosaic, which is full of saying and memories of Romero from people who knew him – it’s a great read.
If you are interested in arranging for Ann to talk to a group in your area, please call Ged Edwards at CAFOD Salford on 0161 705 0605.

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