A Food Poverty Conference in Clitheroe on Saturday 10th May 2014

Food poverty is an issue which affects all communities. With the rise in the use of food banks in the UK, it has become clear that this is a problem which cannot be ignored. Recently published research from DEFRA adds weight to claims of bodies like the Trussell Trust; that food poverty is a real issue in the UK.

In this conference we will hear from the manager of the Ribble Valley Food Bank about the kinds of issues presented in the first year of operation. We’ll then hear from representatives of the Solomon Project, CAFOD and Christian Aid. These speakers will remind us about the issue of global food poverty, and try to make links between the UK picture and the global problem. As we start Christian Aid week, what is the relationship between the people who are hungry in Lancashire and the people who are hungry in the developing world?

The conference is being organised by the ecumenical group of Christians in Clitheroe, Clitheroe Christians in Partnership (CCP) and the Christian Aid and CAFOD activists in the Ribble Valley.

Please put the 10th May in your diary, and click on the ‘register’ heading at the top of the page. We’d love to see you at the conference.

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