St Willibrord’s digs deep for the poor


Children at St Willibrord’s RC Primary School in Clayton are not just giving something up for Lent; they are clubbing together to feed some of the hungriest people around the world.

To raise money for Catholic aid agency CAFOD’s ‘Dig Deep’ campaign, the children all children wore purple to school, to recognise the start of Lent, and brought a one pound donation for CAFOD. Furthermore, the school chaplaincy team organised a fund raising event in which they made and sold their own healthy fruit smoothies!

Carl McIver (Head of School) said: “I am delighted with the way our children have been able to support CAFOD. This fundraising event has been planned and organised by the children themselves through our school Chaplaincy team. Our children recognise just how important it is to know that children around the world can go to bed with enough food to no longer feel hungry. We wanted to do something special during Lent to tackle the injustice of people being hungry. We will continue to do all that we can as a school to support this cause.”

Sierra Leone is one of the countries which will benefit from the funds raised. The West African country emerged from a decade of brutal civil war in 2002 and extreme poverty remains a major issue, especially during the annual ‘hungry season’. With CAFOD’s support, families are transforming the former diamond mines, which fuelled the conflict, into fertile land so they can grow crops all year round.

CAFOD’s manager for Salford Diocese, Ged Edwards, said: “Lent is a time when we stop and reflect on our lives and relationships. It’s amazing that people are putting so much time and energy into thinking about others and helping to change lives.

“Through ‘Dig Deep’ people from Clayton are making a difference. The money that grows from these events will help transform the lives of people living in poverty and CAFOD would like to thank them for all their support.”

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