CAFOD ON CLIMATE CHANGE: The Climate Coalition – new!

The Climate Coalition is launching its new online action tomorrow and we’d like you to take part!

What we would like you to do

1 Click on

2 Share what you love: We’re asking supporters to share what they love, which is threatened by climate change – they just type in a word (my children, country walks, our neighbours etc.) ; they can also add a picture, which will then be displayed on the page, and explain their concerns.

The idea is to gather the maximum number of stories to reflect the level of concern, and show the surprising and diverse things that people care about, that are threatened by climate change. Later this summer, the coalition will present the stories and images to politicians at a Parliamentary event, so they’ll see why people want them to act.

Or…. If you don’t want to use the computer….
There’s also an offline version so that all campaigners can take part in this exciting movement. It is now available to download on our website (and attached). So please complete this, send the page back to us in an envelope and encourage other campaigners and supporters to share their love: It’s not a traditional campaign card!


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