For the Love of Everything that Matters Most


Several Salford Campaigners attended the Campaign Energiser in Preston on Saturday the 28th June. They joined with campaigners from 5 other Dioceses to listen and be inspired by Anthony Mbandi, Director of Caritas Kitui in Kenya who shared stories from communities tackling the enormous challenges of climate change. Then Maria Elena Arana from CAFOD Campaign team with updates on campaigning and a sneak preview of what the new campaign on climate change will look like. Finally, Rob Elsworth, CAFOD Climate Change Policy Analyst, shared from a very personal perspective why he has worked in this field for many years and why he has now come to CAFOD.

Look out for more information about the campaign and SAVE 20TH SEPTEMBER for the new CAFOD Campaign North west launch in Manchester ahead of the Labour Party Conference. Book your place at or contact Mary Clark at the office.

At the end of the day we had our photo taken as part of the Climate Coalition action ‘For the love of….’ .

For the love of farmers and families trying to make a decent living. For the love of God’s entire creation. For the love of all the things we care about, were taking climate change seriously. And were doing it in coalition with many organisations. Take action now! the love of

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