CAFOD Young Leaders #StandbyBrazil

CAFOD young leaders have gathered to celebrate the completion of their year-long leadership training with a day focused on CAFOD’s work in Brazil. Left click to download film on the CAFOD website: Young Leaders Stand by Brazil

The young leaders, who travelled from various dioceses across England, spent the day learning about CAFOD’s work with partners in Brazil. A workshop was also held on campaigning using social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The day culminated with the sixth form students learning and performing CAFOD’s World Cup-song ahead of the final between Germany and Argentina on Sunday.

Become a Young Leader for CAFOD

Sarah Barber from CAFOD’s Youth Team said: “Today has been a fantastic celebration of young leadership at CAFOD. It’s inspiring to see nearly 50 students come together.

“We would like to thank all the young leaders for their wonderful support for CAFOD’s work and look forward to the friendships created lasting for many years to come.”

Join the young leaders and #StandbyBrazil >>

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