Climate Through Comedy!


What the scientists are saying.
Until recently it may have been possible to argue that the scientists are divided. It isn’t now. A survey in Skeptical Scientist in 2013 found 97% think global warming is man-made and poses a severe threat to human and most other forms of life on the planet. Most think if we don’t quit oil a.s.ap. we are heading for 4 – 6 degrees of temperature increase later this century. It could mean severe floods, droughts and hurricanes, hundreds of millions homeless and short of food and water, and very possibly vicious resource wars that might well go nuclear, apart from a huge extinction of millions of beautiful creatures that took millions of years to evolve. How can we let this happen?
Why comedy? No political party will bring home to the public the unwelcome truth about climate. But people aren’t idiots. Nor do they think the scientists are. If they were given decisive leadership they would rise to the occasion. So we’re doing our puny best to arouse concern to help to create demand for more political action. But it’s not only that satire has a sharp pencil. Comedy originally meant celebration. Hence songs, readings & poems too. If we grasp this nettle, even at this late hour we could still create a happier, celebratory post-fossil fuel world.

Food. Vegetable curry & vegan cake + glass of wine. £6 (£5 students). 7-8 food, 8-9 entertainment & climate

Getting there. M7 3WX. X43 leaves central Manchester every 20 minutes then alight at Moor Lane & 10 minutes walk down lane. Lifts from central Manchester can also be arranged.

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