Refugee Action’s “Big Night In”

Here is a great offer! It’s for you and everyone that loves food and want to celebrate the contribution that refugees have made to UK food and culture. Over the past few weeks, seven refugee chefs have been working with The Spicery to put together a special pack, for a Big Night In, filled with all the spices you need to cook an amazing meal for eight people for just £10.

Please join me in supporting our refugee chefs on Saturday 2 May by:
Signing up for the Big Night In today
Sharing this email with your volunteers, staff, and networks
Buying the meal
And inviting friends and family round to celebrate the contribution that refugees have made to the UK

There’s never been a better time to enjoy a great meal and celebrate the contribution of refugees to UK food and culture!

The pack will include all the spices for:
Fattoush from Syria
Mofoatah with pickled vegetables from Iran, Ndole from Cameroon and Sri Lankan Curry, accompanied by Smokey chilli sauce from Gambia
Walnut and Date Baklava from Iran
As well as a playlist for the night, featuring songs from Kurdistan, Sudan, Cameroon, Gambia, Iran, Jamaica and Uganda.

PS The main dish has been put together by Mahin from Iran. She said she chose Mofotah as her favourite dish because “We used to cook it for those ceremonies that make you happy – weddings, birthday parties, and festivals.” She wanted as many people as possible to cook her meal because “I believe that they can collect people together like a family and see what kind of happiness is possible.”

To register and sign up for the event please visit the Refugee Action website.

Thank you

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