Big Turn Out for Bishop John’s CAFOD Cambodia Talk

Bishop John shares his experiences and reflections on his Cambodian visit

Bishop John shares his experiences and reflections on his Cambodian visit

On Saturday 6th June Bishop John Arnold (Bishop of the Diocese of Salford) was in Burnley at St John the Baptists’s to share his experiences and thoughts on his recent visit to Cambodia. There was a terrific turn-out of around 75 people to listen to Bishop John give a presentation about his visit, where he met CAFOD partners and communities whom CAFOD are helping to improve their lives through sustainable development projects.

Cambodia is one of the countries which are part of CAFOD’s Connect2 parish fundraising project, which helps parishes here in the UK link up with communities in the developing world. Bishop John Arnold, in his capacity as Chair of the Board of CAFOD trustees, spent a week with CAFOD visiting their local partners, individuals and communities, as well government officials, and other priests and religious involved in development work. He met a group of women who have received training and learnt new techniques of how to farm their land effectively in a land more frequently flooded due to climate change. The women’s co-operative grow fruit and vegetables on raised basins to feed their families and sell their excess produce at local markets, using this additional income to buy household essentials.

Large audience of CAFOD supporters waiting for talk to begin

Large audience of CAFOD supporters waiting for talk to begin

You can read about his visit in detail with these dispatches (taken from the Diocese of Westminster website), in which he shares what he learnt about the remarkable people he met and the progress they have made together in their communities with the funding raised by parishes like ours here in the Diocese of Salford. A big thank you for all those who attended and don’t forget the Mass Lobby of Parliament coming up on Wednesday 17th June, where CAFOD and its supporters are joining other campaign groups to lobby MP’s so that the UK is at the forefront of a binding UN Climate Deal in Paris later this year. This deal is vital as those who have done least to cause climate change are suffering the worst of its consequences, like the people of Cambodia and other developing nations.

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