Papal Encyclical Laudato Si’ and CAFOD’s Petition

Pope Francis' Encyclical

Laudato Si’

In the most radical encyclical focused on environmental issues, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis has challenged the world to act on the greatest threats facing the human family: climate change, growing global inequality and the destruction of nature. These threats are, the Pope says, a result of a world which has put profit and the drive for relentless growth above all other considerations. To download a copy of the encyclical just click on the link below:

Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si’

Last week Fr Edwin (Edu) Gariguez, welcomed by Bishop John Arnold (Bishop of Salford and Chair of the Board of CAFOD Trustees), visited Sacred Heart Parish in Blackburn to address CAFOD supporters from across the region and update them on the rebuilding process in the Philippines after the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and thank them for their generous support. Typhoons and storms like Haiyan will become more frequent because of the heating effect of global climate change, warmer oceans and seas result in more powerful storms. Fr Gariguez is the Executive Secretary of NASSA (Caritas Philippines), CAFOD’s key partner for all its response to the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. In this role Fr Edu is also helping organise the Filipino catholic community’s response to climate change and is currently setting up a nationwide petition to urge his government and world leaders to find a binding climate change deal to limit global emissions of carbon dioxide.

Fr Edu Gariguez

Fr Edwin (Edu) Gariguez

Fr Edu and Maria Elena Arana (CAFOD Campaigns Coordinator) were interviewed (see 1 hour 11 minutes and 30 seconds) about the petition and the Global Catholic Climate Movement by Joe Wilson from BBC Radio Lancashire. The Movement is a coalition of Catholic organisations across the world including CAFOD.  The Movement is supported by Pope Francis and is seeking to get millions of signatures from Catholics in the world in support of targets to address climate change at the December UN Conference in Paris (COP 21). Fr Edu has been asked to get millions of signatures by his Bishop in the Philippines, so hopefully we can get hundreds of thousands here in the UK.

For CAFOD supporters this means signing the petition and then downloading the petition and encouraging friends, families, parishes and schools, etc. to do the same.  Those people signing in England and Wales will be added to the Global Catholic Climate Movement’s overall response so that a worldwide voice on climate change can be heard.

Join Catholics worldwide asking Prime Minister David Cameron to support the Pope’s call to care for creation and for the world’s poorest people. A copy of the petition can be downloaded from the CAFOD website by following the link below.

Sign our petition today

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