Step into the Gap Volunteers

The Step into the Gap Volunteers came into the office for the first time yesterday, and we had a great time looking at resources and hearing about what they have been up to so far. Anyway, please see the attached article and photos, as they introduce themselves.
Ann Hayes.

Fiona CAFOD Salford Gap Year

Fiona CAFOD Salford Gap Year

Hello! My name is Fiona, I’m 18 years old, and I’m on my gap year. I’ve been interested in social action and justice work for a while now, so I’m very glad to be spending my year out of education with CAFOD’s Step into the Gap programme. As part of the programme, I’m based at a charity called Just Youth in Salford. I’ll be doing things like leading retreats in our partner schools, doing activities in primary and high schools, and helping out with running a Youth Club. I’ll also be working with the charity Revive and spending some time working with local refugees and asylum seekers.
It’s been a very hectic first month on the job so far, but I’m enjoying it all the same. I’m loving working with all the young people and helping to make a difference. As an added bonus, I’m learning so many new skills already. It’s going to be a great year!

18-30? Find out how you to volunteer with CAFOD! 

Joanna CAFOD Salford Gap Year

Joanna CAFOD Salford Gap Year

Hey, I’m Joanna, I’m 18 years old from the small city of Lincoln. I’m taking part in CAFOD’s Step into the Gap programme at Just Youth in Salford. Here, I’m working with young people in schools and in the youth club and also having the opportunity to meet refugees and asylum seekers through the partner charity Revive.
Coming from a large family I have found it quite easy to adjust to living in a community of 8 people, and meeting people from many nationalities is always exciting too.
I decided not to go to university in January and so the search was on to find something to do. Having always had a passion for justice and social action, volunteering with CAFOD seemed like a perfect way to spend my gap year. I’m particularly looking forward to going overseas and having the opportunity to see first hand the work that CAFOD does.

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