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This blog post has been written in the style of a conversation between CAFOD Step into the Gap volunteers Joanna and Fiona. In order to understand who is speaking, the initial of the person has been put before each line.
[Joanna (left) and Fiona (right) attending the Bonfire Night festivities at Heaton Park.]
J: Hello, welcome back to the CAFOD Step into the Gap blog.
F: Hello! It’s Fiona here, back for another ramble about my life as a CAFOD gap year volunteer.
J: So Fiona, what have we been up to in the past 2 months?
F: Where do we start? So much has happened!
J: Well, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. (name that song)
J: That took way too long. Anyway, back to the blog. So in the last term we’ve really been settling into our placement at Just Youth: going into lots of schools for retreats, visiting our own chaplaincy schools, having schools come into our retreat centre, and also working with young people in our youth club.
F: Yeah, it hasn’t even been 3 months yet, but it feels like we’ve been working at Just Youth and living in community for so much longer. That said, it’s been a hectic first half-term, but I think we’ve somehow managed to keep on top of everything!
J: Not to mention the amount of cutting out of shapes and sorting through files we’ve had to do too! Like the time we emptied out every cupboard and drawer in the office so we could reorganise.
F: Yeah, that was… interesting. Ahem.
J: It’s been really nice to have the support from the Salford CAFOD team which we visit once a fortnight too.
F: Yeah, I think our placement gives us some really unique opportunities. Not only do we get to work with lots of really lovely young people, we get the privilege of working with refugees and asylum seekers through the charity ‘Revive’ too.
J: In this term we also found out some very exciting news – where will we be going on our international trip?
F: Yes! It’s only been a few weeks since we found out, but the excitement is building up already. Right, we won’t leave you in suspense any longer. We’re both going to different parts of the world, I’m going to be going to Peru-
J: -and I’m going to Zimbabwe! We’ll be going in mid-January for about 3 weeks, and to prepare for this, we’ll be going down to London in November to meet up with the 6 other CAFOD Gappers around the country for our international training.
F: Yes, and we have lots to research and prepare for the trip. It’s going to be an amazing experience for the both of us! Neither of us have actually visited these parts of the world before. As I’ll be going to Peru–a Spanish speaking country–I’ll probably have to learn some Spanish. I think the best I can do is GCSE-level French! Don’t know if it’s the same for you, Joanna…?
J: For me, it’s sort of a case of going in blind right now. I haven’t had much, if any experience with Zimbabwe, except for what I have heard on the news or in passing. However, I am going to go into my trip with a completely open mind, expecting anything and everything to be thrown my way.
F: Exactly! I think going into the trip with an open mind will really help us make the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’m so looking forward to meeting all the communities that CAFOD is working in partnership with!
J: To say that I don’t have any anxieties about the trip would be lying, however they are only small, and the first hurdle is going to be coming very soon – VACCINATIONS! Eek, I am not a fan of injections.
F: Can’t blame you there!
J: Well, I think that pretty much lets you in on what’s happened in the first 2 months of our gap year with CAFOD and what we have to look forward to in the next month or so too. Very exciting things happening and I’m so grateful of the opportunity I’ve been given.

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