MP visits Salford Office.

Anne Hayes, Jeff Smith and Ann Wilson.
The Manchester MP for Withington, South Manchester popped into the office today in response to a personal letter I sent to him regarding refugees. He took an hour out of his schedule to discuss issues such as refugees, the situation in Palestine, Climate Change and even Laudato Si!
He indicated that the Labour Party would not support the figures suggested by the government for refugees coming into Britain. He was interested in CAFODs work with refugees in Syria, the Middle East and Europe. We told him of the climate change campaign and he reminded us that his party started the Climate Change Act in 2008.
Please see the link below should you wish to go down to the march Climate March in London on Sunday 29 November.
book here for Climate Change March
We encouraged him to take part in the debate next week on Thursday 19th November at 11am the House of Commons where MPs will debate a motion (proposed by Helen Goodman MP) This House takes note of the Pope’s Encyclical Laudato Si’ on Our Common Home, concerning climate change and international justice; and calls on the government to recognise the significant support for a successful outcome to the Paris Conference in November/December which should commit to tackle climate change effectively.
He promised to go if he is able to.
It was a fruitful meeting and we hope to have made an ally with whom we can keep in touch to ensure CAFOD’s work is seen and heard within our parliamentary system.

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