Send a Child to School

News from Sacred Heart, Westhoughton

The second Sunday of Advent saw the visit of Bishop John Arnold which coincided with the launch of the annual parish loops appeal by the CAFOD team.


This year the theme was ‘send a child to school’ where for every £25.00 raised a school starter pack would be purchased by CAFOD as many children in developing countries cannot afford to go to school. The pack comprises a uniform, stationery and a school bag giving the gift of education and opportunity.

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The ‘loops’ on sale bearing the CAFOD logo are made up into paper chains to decorate the church. There are two displays one in church comprising a school desk, empty uniform and school bag where parishioners are requested to fill the uniform and desk. The second display in the porch is a wall chart of an empty classroom where for every £25.00 raised a figurine of a child is placed at a desk. The figurines have been produced by the children on the sacramental programme with the support of our primary school.
The appeal is supported by our parish priest Father Richard Aspden who is challenging parishioners to fill the classroom.

To buy World Gifts or order a catalogue, visit our website



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