Can you be an education volunteer for CAFOD.

Meet Mike, A CAFOD Education Volunteer

Could you be an Education Volunteer with CAFOD?  Mike talks about his experiences volunteering:

‘I became an education volunteer with CAFOD when I retired from teaching and had more time on my hands. Having always worked in Catholic schools I was already aware of CAFOD’s work and felt I could use my skills to continue to “spread the word” and make a difference. I regularly deliver assemblies in my local schools and occasionally travel to school’s further away to explain our special projects and work with our youngsters in special workshops.


Find out more about volunteering with CAFOD

‘Although spreading the news of the CAFOD’s work is the main focus; many of the youngsters take the initiative to raise funds themselves. One class organised a coffee morning, another pupil, touched by the refugee crisis, organised his own sponsored walk; raising over £100. It is very satisfying to see our children being motivated to take action themselves. I always enjoy adding “a bit extra” to the assemblies and during the Big Share Project; the children were “gobsmacked” when I brought out two large real fish with the 5 loaves. I kept the fish for 3 weeks; my wife wasn’t best pleased.’

For more information on volunteering with CAFOD, please email:

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