Bishop John’s CAFOD Talk in Burnley


Bishop John addresses the audience in Burnley

On Saturday Bishop John Arnold was in Burnley to inform CAFOD supporters and other interested individuals from around the Diocese of Salford about his visit to Zambia and Zimbabwe during August of last year. The talk was well attended and the Bishop was welcomed by Fr Michael Waters, parish priest of St John the Baptist’s Burnley, whose parish hosted the talk.


The audience in Burnley await the start of Bishop John’s talk.

The bishop was then introduced by Stephen Burrowes, Community Participation Coordinator at CAFOD Salford. Stephen thanked the audience for attending and emphasised how the generosity of local people in the Diocese of Salford allows CAFOD to support the most needy communities around the world.  Bishop John is Chair of the Board of Trustees of CAFOD and it was in this capacity as Chair of Trustees that he visited CAFOD funded projects in Zambia and Zimbabwe during August 2015.

During the talk the bishop shared his experiences of this visit and stressed how the people he meets in the countries he visits on behalf of CAFOD are not looking for cash handouts, but just want a helping hand or be empowered to help themselves out of poverty by earning their own livelihood. To see how CAFOD helps communities in Zambia and Zimbabwe by working with its trusted partners in these countries follow these links:

CAFOD in Zambia

CAFOD in Zimbabwe

The bishop informed the audience about HIV home-based care support projects in Zambia and vital water projects in Zimbabwe which help kitchen gardens to flourish in the dry environment. This Lent CAFOD is asking parishes and schools to help fund water projects around the world:

Lent Fast Day 2016

Bishop John also underlined the boundless generosity of the people of Zambia and Zimbabwe who give generously to visitors to their communities despite their own poverty:

“It was a humbling experience and I think something in this country and other wealthier nations that we have lost among our world of materialism.”


Bishop John shares his experiences of the Africa visit.

If you wish to read in more detail about Bishop John’s visit to Africa then please follow the link to the Diocese of Salford web page:

Bishop John in Zambia and Zimbabwe

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