Alison Allerton will run her third marathon for CAFOD – The Iconic London Marathon.

Alison has been running in support of CAFOD since 2008. On Sunday, Alison Allerton will run another marathon, the London Marathon.

“This will probably be my last marathon. I’m looking forward to enjoying the experience and soaking in the atmosphere.”


Alison has already raised over £2000 by running for CAFOD. There are many ways to raise funds for CAFOD. Alison has previously run in the:

Marathon waving2008 BUPA Great Manchester Run

2012 Manchester Marathon

2014 Yorkshire Marathon

Alison Allerton was awarded her place in the London Marathon after completing the York Marathon in under 3 hours and 45 minutes. Alison is supporting CAFOD because;

“It is important to support the less fortunate. I support CAFOD because they are good at working with local communities on the ground level.”  

The first time Alison ran, she could only manage 8 minutes. Since then Alison has run marathons and has won her running club championship four times! She has been a member of her local running club for ten years, joining six months after her daughter Ruth was born.

During the BUPA Great Manchester Run in 2008, Alison ran through horrendous weather.

“It was freezing and raining. I thought I’d end up hypothermia. I kept going though as I was running for CAFOD.”

Her family are her biggest supporters. They are her cheer team at every marathon she runs. During the York Marathon, her family were her cheer team. They will be in London on Sunday to cheer her on during the iconic London Marathon.

“Team Allerton will cheer for me at different places.” Alison said whilst smiling and laughing, she added, “they are my greatest supporters. I couldn’t do it without them.”

IMG_0420Her daughters, Ruth and Grace, spoke with excitement and pride.

Ruth Allerton said, “I’m very proud of my mum. She’s awesome. She’s amazing for doing the marathons.”

Grace Allerton stated, “I think my mum is brave because it’s a really long way to run and it’s very very very hard. She’s definitely brave.”

Alison’s dedication and hard work has inspired her own children to take up athletics. They understand the discipline and time needed to compete in the running club and to enjoy athletics.

“I enjoy running and raising money for CAFOD. I feel lucky to have good health and the ability to run.”

The main challenge has been finding time to train. It’s a challenge to fit the training in around a busy lifestyle. Training for the marathon takes away from Alison’s weekend and time with her children.

After YorkAlison hasn’t been able to train as much as she would have liked for the London Marathon. She hasn’t been able to do a long run in three weeks due to a virus.

“I want to enjoy the experience of London. I was never aiming for a quick time, under four hours is my target. I feel fortunate that even when I’m not running at my best, I can still do a decent job.”

“I break down my marathon runs into small and manageable chunks. I think to myself, ‘in 3 miles I’ll see tail bridge, in 5 miles I’ll see Team Allerton, or in 3 miles I’ll see something else.’ Marathons are easier to manage when they are broken into smaller distances.”

“I’m delighted to be in a massive event. I’m excited to pass Team Allerton and to hi-five!”

There’s still time to donate to Alison.


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