Sponsored Walk in aid of CAFOD’s Ethiopian Appeal

Elizabeth and her mum in the countryside

Elizabeth and her mum on the walk

Sophie (one of our Summer office volunteers) writes about Elizabeth’s walk.

One of CAFOD’s great supporters, Elizabeth, completed her ninth sponsored walk in aid of CAFOD last month. Elizabeth walked half of the Glyndwr Way, which totalled a massive distance of around 75 miles, and in doing so raised a phenomenal £1730 in aid of helping those affected by drought in Ethiopia.

Find out more about CAFOD’s work in Ethiopia

Since 2011 Ethiopia has been affected by the drought within the region of the Horn of Africa. Due to the El Niño weather patterns, there have been two consecutive failed rainy seasons. This has caused 429 districts out of 700 in Ethiopia, (just over half of the country) to be affected by severe drought. Statistics from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs state that over 10 million people are desperately in need of emergency food supplies, and 2 million people are in need of emergency water, sanitation and hygiene. As a result, over 400,000 children are expected to require treatment for acute to severe malnutrition. Not only has this drought affected the amount of food that is produced and available for consumption in Ethiopia, but it has also had a large impact on the farming communities. Many households have lost sufficient income through unemployment due to there being little or no crops to farm.

Elizabeth walking to raise money for Ethiopia

Elizabeth walking to raise money for Ethiopia

However, the money that Elizabeth has raised will go towards giving funds to the most vulnerable families within communities in Ethiopia, enabling them to buy the food that they need. In addition to this, cash for work activities are being facilitated which provides families with income. The cash for work scheme also helps to develop long term benefits such as soil and water conservation schemes and creating access to water points. The money raised will enable CAFOD and its partners to reach more than 285,000 people who have been affected by water shortages and loss of income as a result of the drought.

Please donate to CAFOD’s Ethiopia Appeal

Elizabeth has been helping CAFOD raise funds for various causes since 2007, when she completed her first sponsored walk of Hadrian’s Wall.  We are extremely thankful to Elizabeth for helping to fund such a lifesaving project and are extremely proud of her achievements. Keep up the good work Elizabeth!!

Should you like to follow in Elizabeth’s footsteps, please consider doing your own sponsored event

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