Like mother, like daughters – primary school children inspired to fundraise for CAFOD

Jade writes about meeting two young inspirational sisters from the Salford Diocese. 


Alison with her daughters’ Grace and Ruth. 

I first met Grace and Ruth when they came to the CAFOD Salford volunteer centre with their mum, Alison. The two young sisters were filled with energy and excitement. They talked about how proud they both were of their mum for running the London marathon for CAFOD. They’d made a giant poster to cheer on their mum during the marathon.

A few months later, I received an email, telling me that the two schoolchildren had taken up the charity fundraising mantle after being inspired by their mother’s marathon-running efforts.

Grace and Ruth became inspired to fundraise for CAFOD, through hearing about our work with people living in extreme poverty across the world, and after their mum ran in the London Marathon last April.

The two bubbly sisters decided to fundraise as well. They held a raffle at the end of their school summer concert, raising over £100.

The Allerton Sisters

The Allerton Sisters

Grace and Ruth are some of the youngest CAFOD supporters in the diocese. They actively demonstrate that no matter your age, you can make a positive difference in the lives of others. The awesome sisters held their fundraising activity at school 

Alison, Ruth and Grace’s mum, said;

“They were keen to raise money for CAFOD themselves after I did the London Marathon, so they decided to organise a raffle for their school summer concert.

They made some posters to advertise the raffle and sold tickets as people came into the concert.

“At the concert, Ruth performed a piece on her cello whilst Grace performed pieces on her violin and her French horn. They both sang in the School Choir.

“It was a bit hectic with their performances in the concert and the raffle going on! It was a lovely evening.”

Preparing for the raffle at school

Preparing for the raffle at school

Ann Hayes, local CAFOD representative, said:

“It’s always heart-warming to hear about children fundraising for CAFOD. Alison is a great supporter of CAFOD, it’s wonderful to see the positive influence she’s having on her children and inspiring them to support CAFOD. The money raised by Ruth and Grace will go to support CAFOD’s work overseas.”

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